Sewing had always left us with pricked fingers, broken needles, frequent thread breakage, jammed sewing machine and so on. Several hurdles to cross before you complete your dream project and eventually, the sewing project would be left uncompleted. To ease your work, to support your hobby and to encourage you in stitching like a pro, we have come up with few handy tips and tricks. A very little effort would actually save a lot of time and allows you to enjoy the sewing journey.

This article drives you through a very interesting sewing hacks that you have not learnt before.


How To Thread Your Needle Quickly

Use a hair spray on the tip of the thread, to make it straight and insert through the needle’s hole.
Alternatively, a transparent nail polish, a drop of cream of starch can also be used at the tip of the thread.

Tips To Prevent Breakage In Decorative Thread

The thread usually gets whirled up or gets broken while sewing on a machine. This usually happens due to the tension in the thread. To ease the thread movement an All purpose sewing Oil may be used on the needle, a drop or two would be more than enough. For a smooth break-free stitch, use two spools of threads, one being a normal thread and the other your favorite decorative thread. Insert the two thread ends together through your machine and through the needle as usual and continue to complete your dream project.

The Best Way To Organize Your Pins And Needles

Many a time, fabric holding pins and sewing needles storage is tricky. This quick tip actually saves lot of time searching for them and also saves our fingers from getting pricked.
Place a small magnet in a metallic bowl and place all your needles/pins in it. This quick tip makes sure that the pins and needles do not fall even if you are not handling them with care. To remove them, simply roll over a small magnet on your choice of pin/needle and that easily comes up for your use.

How To Keep Your Needles Sharp

Tired of Needles/ pins which lost their sharpness and rigid in insertion into fabric?
A steel cotton filled cushion can be used to hold your pins/ needles, it subsequently maintains the sharpness of your needles/pins and the fabric can be held firmly.
Another simple technique is to hold the needle head and rub the tail against a sandpaper quickly sharpens it.

How To Take Care Of Your Sewing Machine

Love your machine and it will loves you too..
A sewing machine which is frequently under use and is hardly overhauled behaves like a stranger. But when pampered with little lubricant oil every now and then, after a thorough clean up, it really loves you. The effort you need to put on the machine reduces considerably.
A small quick tip on lubrication of your tool..Yes, your sharp tool needs lubrication too. At times, needles/ pins too behave highly unmanageable by not letting us insert them into the fabric. To overcome this situation, using a bar of soap to hold the needles/pins, would lubricate them and inserting into the fabric becomes easy. Binding clips may also be used to hold the fabric.

Tips To Mark Easily

Did you misplace your marker chalk and searching for it? Most of us face this situation. A Bar of Soap could actually come for your immediate help. Using a dry bar of soap actually serves as a good marking tool and leaves the cloth stain free.
To mark on a thick cloth or slippery material, placing a muslin cloth over it simplifies your job.

Steps To Manage Seam Allowance

A rubber band can be the best choice in adjusting seam allowance. Rubber bands placed on the bottom of the machine, can be moved as per our seam requirement.
Alternatively, to allow seam while you draw over the patterns, two pencils held together with the help of a rubber band and run over the desired pattern, is a handy tip.

Simple Techniques To Organize Bobbins

A toe separator can serve us in storing bobbins, or a paper holding stand would also serve the purpose. However, care should be taken while removing them. Invert the stand to remove a bobbin from it.

Six Tidbits On Sewing

  1. Affixing the measuring tape to your drawing board, eases your measuring effort.
    2. Save money on threads. A big spool of thread comes for a relatively cheaper price to that of a small one. So, always try buying a large spool. In order to prevent a larger spool of thread from running over, place it in a wide container and use it.
    3. A matchbox can serve as a storage unit for pocket sewing kit.
    4. A brush or two of transparent nail polish on the thread of the stitched button, glues the thread onto the fabric and helps the button to stay intact for a longer duration.
    5. Always stitch the buttons of same design in spare to your fabric on the inner side, to avoid future search operation.
    6. To sharpen scissors, cut a piece of sandpaper few times.

Once the sewing accessories are ready, only the sky is the limit to flaunt your designing skills. These days most of the sewing machines are available with inbuilt designs. Gear up to show your skills to the world of fashion and get recognized. The internet is all yours to choose your favorite designs or to show case your designs. Draw, cut, sew and showoff.

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