Want to Sew Tote bag on your own? Don’t worry because sewing a tote bag is easy and quick .

You can make use of the unused fabric available at your home or select a fabric from the market.  Once the required accessories are gathered, it’s time now, come, let’s learn how to sew a Tote bag in minutes.


Accessories You Need

  • Sewing machine
  • A piece of fabric cut into 4 equal pieces of 16 x 18 inch
  • Fabric strips cut into 4 equal pieces of 18 x 2 inch (for straps)
  • Tape measure or Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Matching thread
  • Pins

Simple Tips To Cut The Fabric

To cut fabric into desired dimensions, use a ruler. Place the fabric on a flat surface, mark 18 inches in length and breadth and using scissors cut the fabric. Repeat the process, to obtain three more square pieces of the same dimensions.

For making straps, take a piece of 18 x 18 inch square fabric, mark 2 inch on two opposite sides of the fabric and cut the fabric into 2 x 18 inch strip. Repeat the same to obtain three more strips.

Now, you have obtained 4 fabric pieces of 16 x 18 inch each and 4 fabric strips of 2 x 18 inch each.

Making Straps For The Tote Bag

Using the fabric strips that were cut into 4 equal pieces of 18 x 2 inch, we’ll make straps for the Tote bag.

  • Take two strips; place them together such that their right sides are facing each other inwards. Here, we want to sew them on the wrong side and then turn inside out.
  • Once the fabric is properly placed, hold the ends of the arranged fabric with pins and sew the strap on three sides, leaving the fourth side open. After it is sewed, turn the strap inside out.
  • To sharpen the seams of the strap, press the strap using an iron.
  • Similarly, make the other strap.

How To Sew Lining And Outside Of The Tote Bag

  • Take 2 pieces of 16 x 18 inch fabric, locate a flat surface, and place the pieces together with their right side facing each other, for sewing on the wrong side.
  • Pin the three sides of the arranged fabric pieces horizontally, leaving the fourth side open.
  • Now, sew the arranged fabric pieces to make the lining/inner material of the Tote bag.
  • Once, the fabric is stitched, press it using an iron.

Making the outside of the Tote bag is also similar, except that the stitched bag is turned inside out and fourth side is folded by half an inch inside. Upon turning and folding the outer bag, press the bag ensuring good seam.

Completing The Tote Bag

  • Take the lining and outer bags, insert the lining bag in the outer bag.
  • Take a strap and insert one end of the strap between the outer and lining bags on one side. Pin the arrangement.
  • Take the other end of the strap, insert similarly on the other side of the bag and pin it.
  • Now, complete insertion of the other strap following the above steps. Take care while inserting the straps to maintain proper length.
  • It’s time to sew both the bags together. Make a stitch around the top of the Tote bag, maintaining proper seam and ensuring proper stitch on the straps inserted.

The Tote bag is now ready and you can flaunt your new bag. You can use this bag as shopping bag, college bag, purse etc. Using different kinds of fabric, you can make an appealing bag.  Be creative, be you.

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